Little Athletes Gym Class Registration

Sorry, due to the COVID-19, Miss Laura’s Preschool Programs are Closed until March 30, 2020. Please check back then for updates. Thank you for understanding. -Laura

At this time it is best if we don’t meet for ‘Little Athletes Gym Class’ for the next two Wednesdays. Being a warrior against germs just is not going to be enough right now. So for now, no classes 3/18 & 3/25. Let’s hope for the best for all, and we’ll meet again after two Wednesdays. Thank you.

A class where the littlest of athletes can run, jump, & play!

Miss Laura’s Google.doc for registration is here, as your first visit is free and you do not need to buy a class! Free T-Shirt Sign up is here, too. Please let me know you are coming so you will be sure to get a t-shirt for your Little Athlete(s)!

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Classes are for Babes to Preschool Age

Children 12 months – Preschool age cost $5 per class

Class Location is the Cottage Grove Armory 8180 Belden Blvd, Cottage Grove, MN 55016

Enter at the main doors. There will be someone to open the door for you. Don’t ring the bell, we will be there shortly! The gym we are using is the first door on the right.

Laura leads this high energy class using age appropriate music for all, marching band warm-ups & cool-downs, heart rate raising running & races, fun dances, & exciting opportunities to express curiosity through play w/the parachute, hula hoops, bubbles, balls, action songs, lap time rhymes, ribbons & more! Babies through preschool age (with a parent or adult) are welcome. Be curious & come for this unique high-energy class! Classes are for Babies to Preschool Age. Children 12 months – Preschool age cost $5 per class.
Miss Laura’s Little Athletes Gym Class is a fun filled hour in the gym!  Strollers welcome.

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You will receive your card at class.

Children receive a t-shirt at their first visit to class. Don’t miss out!
Additional Class T-shirts are $10 each.

 (For your 1 free t-shirt, please specify size in comments at checkout – Youth XSmall & Small)

10 & 20 Punch Card Deals:

20 Visit Punch Card

Buy 20 classes get 15% off. That’s 3 classes for Free! a $100 value for $85

(Regular Price $5 per Class)


 (For your 1 free t-shirt, please specify size in comments at checkout – Youth x Small & Youth Small)

10 Visit Punch Card

Buy 10 classes get 10% off.  That’s one class for Free! A $50 value for $45

(Regular Price $5 per Class)

(For your 1 free t-shirt, please specify size in comments at checkout – Youth x Small & Youth Small)

Buy additional T-shirts Here!

(Please specify size in comments at checkout – Youth xSmall & Youth Small)

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$5 per child per class  – (charges start at 1 year of age)

(For your 1 free t-shirt, please specify size in comments at checkout – Youth XSmall or Youth Small)


The Little Athletes Fitness Class is led by Laura Ackerman, who has 25+ years experience of teaching in early childhood education, health, & wellness. Laura has taught children around the world and is so happy to bring her classes back to her home town.

  • Children through preschool age (with a parent or adult) are welcome. Wear athletic shoes and bring water.
  • Parents and kids, you don’t need to wear ‘fitness’ clothing, just something that is easy to move around in. During the winter months, bring tennis shoes to change into, to help keep the floor dry.


What to expect:

  1. The big box of marching band instruments will be in the center of the floor ready for your child to explore. When the music starts at 10:00AM, Miss Laura will start the marching band and go around a large circle in the room. At the end we will clean-up the instruments, and move on quickly to the next activity.
  2. The super-hero capes come out and everyone get one who wants one, they are easily worn with a Velcro clasp at the neck. If your child wants to just use the t-shirt w/sewn on cape, Great! Now Laura will lead activities starting with a run around the room in a circle, we’ll then meet at the wall for races across the room! There’s a magic word for GO! Come to class and find out what it is!
  3. At this time we will break for water if your child would like some.
  4. We clean-up capes and pull out ribbon rings to use while Miss Laura leads activities such as ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’, ‘shake our shakies out’ and more.
  5. We’ll clean that up and do some ‘mommy & me’ time with finger plays, bouncing on lap games, and more.
  6. Now is the part of the class where things change week to week. Things that you will see throughout the year include: a huge parachute, bubbles, hula-hoops, balls, theme days for example, Farm Day, Cowboy and Cowgirl Day, Hawaii Day, Fiesta Day, etc. Come to class and see what is happening that day!
  7. When the center of the class has come to an end, the big box of marching band instruments will come to the center of the floor and Miss Laura will again lead the marching band. The kids love this activity, that is why it comes out twice!
  8. We will then clean-up and sit in a quiet circle to settle in for our good-by songs, ABC’s and an ‘on your feet’ waving, clapping and jumping good-bye song. These songs help to get participants to know that the day’s class is complete.
  9. All will get a stamp on the hand on the way out the door, and you are on your way to very likely having a wonderful ‘Napping House’ afternoon!

Miss Laura’s Rules and Guidelines:

  1. 3 Foot Rule! Stay within 3 feet of your child at all times! (Running is a little different, if yours is a fast runner. But, you must be there for them!)
  2. Do not have conversations during class. Please be considerate. Keep conversations to a minimum. A conversation even on the side of the class is a MAJOR disruption (rude) and not fair to me and all the other paying customers. Don’t wait to be asked to stop, just do the right thing. There’s time to talk before and even more time after, please be considerate of this. There are coffee shops that Cottage Grove offers, the Library is close by, a playground just outside and to the back of the building, these are all great places to get to know each other, catch-up and chat. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for complying. 🙂 Update: You all have been so awesome since the classes started in November. I LOVE teaching in Minnesota! I’ve been places where people came and clipped coupons instead of participate. Ugh. Not You! You are Awesome!!! Go Minnesota!
  3. Please use your phone for pictures, but tuck it away otherwise. (Share your pics with me! If you approve, It will possibly get used for future promos.)
  4. Miss Laura is the leader. Follow her directions, as parents need to participate just as much as the kids. Your child NEEDS to see YOU participate. This gives ‘tiny-them’ the permission to enjoy the class! (Miss Laura understands you may have babe #2 in your arms or in a stroller, participate as much as possible with your child-on-the-move!)
  5. Miss Laura is not a disciplinarian. I will do my best to guide your child to follow and participate. I use a lot of creative language to help them think things through. The rest is up to you. If your child does not participate, it does not mean that they ‘hate the class’. It means they need to be given the chance to ‘warm-up’ to the class. Did you know that there is a ‘Third Class Charm’ that happens? By the third class, your child will know the routine and will be more comfortable. *You just have to give them the chance*.
  6. Suggestions on ‘How to give them a chance’:
    1. Go softly to the side of the classroom with them and watch for awhile, pointing out the things that are going on while you are watching. Stay engaged in what is happening in class.
    2. Step out of the room and come back after a bit. This let them see more of what fun there is in store for them when they are a bit more comfortable.
    3. Leave any frustration out in outer space somewhere. Fitness is supposed to be stress relieving, but I know toddlers aren’t.
    4. Encourage your child to see the good in things, and try not to bring to light ‘what they aren’t doing’. They will do things eventually. Sometimes they sit on the side through the whole class, then go home and lead a complete class with their stuffed animals! Kids are amazing! They soak things in when we think otherwise!

Come Run, Jump and Play! I can’t wait to see you on Wednesdays!