Miss Laura’s Classes

Miss Laura’s Little Military Athletes & Little Military Story Time

Fun Gym ‘Work-Out’ style classes for kids of military families. It only matters that you have military service in your family. All relatives count and so do friends, ’cause that’s what folks in the military call family! Miss Laura knows, because she raised her family in the military, the Navy to be exact. God Bless […]

Miss Laura’s Little Toes Yoga, Stories & Music Fusion

Miss Laura’s newest class offers children, families and caregivers a chance to enjoy music, movement, yoga postures, stories told through yoga, and yoga action songs. Come grab a mat and let’s get started! Classes are not in session right now. Please contact me for any questions you may have. Laura.Ackerman@gmail.com Tots to 3 & Kids […]

Miss Laura’s Little Athletes Gym Class

Get ready to run jump and play with your child as marching band begins, races commence, hula-hoops roll across the floor & ribbons fly through the air. The children would love to race the whole hour, but we need to catch our breath, get a drink and settle for stretching & yoga, and the hugs […]

Miss Laura’s A Little Music in Little Me!

Music and little ones just go together! Come join in and bond with your little ones through music, and experience the joy and abundant smiles! While you feel you are just playing and having fun, you will also be gaining some of the simplest skills and concepts that go along with music and movement!

Miss Laura’s Story Time

Treat yourself and your child to some fun and learning! Miss Laura offers story times for every age that feature: Stories from classics you will remember to fresh new books you and your child will love. Songs, fingerplays and rhymes perfect for fun and for developing early literacy skills. Friends! There’s plenty of time afterwards […]

Miss Laura

Thank You Notes

I am so grateful and thankful for the service Laura has provided. Her talent and skills are truly appreciated.
I remember the first time we attended, I was so blown away by how amazing she is; able to keep all the kids attention for the full hour! I have seen my daughter grow and excel in so many different ways due in part to her dedication and hard work. Thank you so much. Hands down, Laura is by far the best. And, if you don’t know me, I am a hard core storytimer!

Linda Class Participant

Thank you for coming to share your wonderful gifts and talents with our kids and families! You brought great energy and people have continues to come and feel connected with each other. We are grateful for you!

Mark Mahtomedi, MN

You are truly the essence of what we all should strive to be. Your kindness and love for others is truly inspiring. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING you have done for all the kids including mine! We love you so much! We are thankful that God showed us the way in order for us to meet you, such a beloved friend, military wife and teacher to all. God Bless you Miss Laura! Thank you!

Jennifer Class Participant

About Miss Laura

About Miss Laura

Miss Laura holds a B.S. in Elementary Ed & Fitness. She is a retired Navy wife and mom of two boys, one an active duty service member and the other an Intrepid Civilian. Laura has taught all over the world and the United States in places such as Minnesota, Sasebo & Yokosuka Japan, Maryland, Illinois, Wisconsin and Martin Slovakia. Laura has taught the likes of Story Time, Gymnastics, Children's Gym & Music, and academics the likes of Computer Programming, Language Arts, Mathematics, Japanese Language & Culture. She owns her own piano studio and at its highest enrollment, taught 48 students. Laura is also a teacher in the homeschool community and schooled her boys from middle school through high school. She also owns her own sewing business featured on Etsy, where she specializes in homemade surgical scrub hats.
Laura is very excited to be your 'Miss Laura'. Teaching has brought so much joy to her as she interacts with children, families and caregivers. She is positive that when learning happens in a child's world, close by there is sure to be Laughter & Love!