Miss Laura’s Little Military Athletes & Little Military Story Time

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These classes are specifically for military families. It only matters that you have military service in your family. All relatives count and so do friends, ’cause that’s what folks in the military call family! Miss Laura knows, because she raised her family in the military, the Navy to be exact. God Bless America!
What Laura learned, is that kids love to be just like the adults who are there for them. They are also very curious about what people do in the military. When April comes, all branches of the American military celebrate ‘The Month of the Military Child’. Laura volunteered for the MWR Library in Yokosuka, Japan & Great Lakes, IL for 12 years. In that time she developed a program to celebrate the children & families, and to teach them just how unique they are, and that there are others out there who live a life just like them. They learn and are told they are all BRATS, but Miss Laura says they are a young ‘Military Child’. Kids this young are new to words, and they may have already learned that ‘brat’ means a ‘mean child’. Miss Laura reassures them that she doesn’t think they are ‘brats’, but they are ‘Military Brats’ and that is a very special kind of Military Child! She has written songs and chants that are catchy, so after we sing them, they never forget how much of a many-of-a-kind they are!
Miss Laura teaches these classes in April, which is the Month of the Military Child. She teaches Story Time & her very special ‘Little Military Athletes’, where the children get to be just like people in the military who have to pass a Physical Readiness Test! We run, we learn push-ups and sit-ups, we get measured with Mary Poppins’ measuring tape 😉 & then we celebrate with more fun gym activities while we are accompanied by the military music of our American history.
More information will come on the website for this in 2018!