About Miss Laura

Laura is the creator of ‘Miss Laura’s Little Military Athletes Gym’, ‘Miss Laura’s Little Athletes Gym’, ‘Miss Laura’s Library Storytime’, ‘Miss Laura’s A Little Music in Little Me!’ & the newest class, ‘Miss Laura’s Little Toes Yoga, Stories & Music Fusion’
Laura has recently relocated back to Minnesota where she grew up, after being away with her husband, a Navy Retiree, for 23+ years. She is happy to be back and teaching her classes in a fresh new location!

Laura has B.S. Degree in Elementary Education with a Minor in Health, Wellness and Aerobic Fitness, from the University of Wisconsin.  After starting her family and settling into military life, she began teaching children publicly and privately, in school settings, homes, libraries and health clubs in 1993.

“A child’s time is very valuable to me and not a minute of it will ever be wasted on my watch! (That’s Military Talk!)  I know what it takes to get a family out of the house and off to the day’s adventures. I’ve been there as my boys are 18months apart! (They are now over 20yrs old!)  I am so happy to see each person as they walk in my class.  ‘Yay!  You’re Here!  The day is always better when we get to be together! Come in!  Let’s play and have some fun with the kids!’”  -With Love from Miss Laura